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 Eight Awesome Awning Tips

Awnings are wonderful.  They not only keep your RV cooler, they extend your camping space.  It's really important that you keep your awning in tip-top shape while you travel, so follow these eight awesome awning tips to learn how to properly care for your cover and extend the life of your awning. 

1.    At the start of each camping season, make sure the top and bottom bracket screws are tight.

2.  If the lift handle is hard to operate, spray it with silicone spray.  You may have to repeat this process periodically.  You may also need to spray the bottom bracket release tab and rafter and support arms.

3.    One of the secrets to a long life for your awning is to keep it clean.  Follow the instructions for your type of awning.

4.   If you get water streaking or experience seeping behind your awning rail, inspect the rail for loose screws or peeled sealant.

5.    To avoid water pooling, lower one end of the awning for proper water run off.

6.    For ease of operation on hardware, rub candle wax on all sliding surfaces.

7.    If you're expecting heavy or prolonged wind or rain or if you will be leaving the awning unattended, it's best to roll it up. Damage as a result of weather is not covered by most warranties.

8.    Finally, make sure the awning is extended high enough before opening the entry door.

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