12/2/2010 10:13:15 PM
Now that the temperature has dropped, mice and other rodents are looking for a nice, warm RV to move into for the winter. If they choose yours, it may mean costly repairs in the spring. Be proactive and do some preventative maintenance.
  • Keep Out! ~ Before you put your RV into storage for winter make sure to seal any openings no matter how small (it only takes 1/4" to let mice in). The best way to do this is to turn lights on inside and seal the outside with silicone or expanding foam anywhere you see light. You can also do the opposite and light the outside and seal any cracks of light you see on the interior.
  • Just In Case..~ Some suggest mothballs as a deterrent but it has also been said that rodents get used to the smell and that mothballs are only a temporary fix. (The odor of mothballs lingers for sometime as well) Most prefer to use Bounce Fabric softener dryer sheets (original scent). Put them in drawers and cabinets and it will not only keep the mice away but also keep the coach smelling dryer fresh;) I also found some information on a product called Fresh Cab. Mice are turned off by the sweet woodsy-Alpine scent, I have not heard any actual feedback on this product but you can find more informaiton at: www.goodearthenterprises.com. If you cannot appreciate the alpine scent you can also try Oil of Peppermint (not extract). If you put the oil on cotton balls and just replace as the smell goes away this not only helps deter the mice it is also an effective method of getting rid of the rodents.
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" ~ Ben Franklin

Please submit any suggestions you have regarding this topic, others will appreciate your help!
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