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RV Rentals are BIG!

The cost of air travel continues to rise, reaching levels that travelers haven't seen since Congress was forced to step in with the Airline Deregulation Act in 1978.  With no end in sight (even with fuel prices steadily declining) the cost of air travel continues to rise!  This is driving families to search for alternatives and many are choosing RV rentals.  To their surprise and delight, they are finding this is a much more affordable and enjoyable way of traveling with their families.  They can enjoy their trip from beginning to end!  Family time is quality time. 

Doreen Santos, a registered nurse who resides in Allentown, PA with her husband and three boys, was shocked when she learned that airfare to Orlando that usually cost her about $200 per person was now going for more than $500.  Determined not to give up their vacation, the family decided to renta an RV and make the journey to Florida part of their adventure.

"We've gone to Disney every year since the kids were born.  I couldn't even imagine having to tell them we couldn't go this year," said Santos.  "My kids were ecstatic when they found out we were taking an RV.  When all was said and done, without the hotels and airfare, we saved about $2,700." 

Families looking to head out on the highways in an RV can save money at virtually every turn.  Without the added burden of overpriced hotels and airfares, there isn't a need for rental cars or expensive restaurants. 

Excerpts taken from:
Airfares driving RV rental business to record levels
By Kelly Cauthorn
May 31, 2012
Posted: 6/1/2012 11:51:07 AM by Linda Casey | with 1 comments

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Linda Zeigler
Looking for late model one of the larger van camper (class B)
6/13/2012 12:05:27 PM

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