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Ken, Rosemary and Kristen Cummings

September 19, 2011

Linda, thanks for sponsoring the weekend trip to Paradise Lake.  We had a wonderful time (though our daughter suffered through the weekend with a severe migraine, so we weren't able to participate as we would have liked).  This was our "maiden voyage" so it was especially memorable and went off without a hitch.  Your staff is wonderful and Joe and Charlie made sure all systems were working and that we had no unsatisfied needs or even "wants."  Truly an exceptional staff!

Thank you so much
Ken, Rosemary and Kristen Cumings

Gary & Barb Flynn

June 13, 2011

Dear Charlie and Joe,

Thank you, your staff and everyone at Premier Coach for hosting the camp-out at Lake Paradise.  We met new friends, had great food & drinks and a great time.  From experience I know there is a lot going on behind the scenes of any event to make things run smoothly without any outward signs of problems.  Mission accomplished and in tremendous fashion.  I salute you!

We had several objectives in mind in deciding to attend the camp-out.  One objective was to visit with others regarding their experience with Premier Coach.  The compliments were numerous and positive.  The importance you place on strong relationships with customers was a theme heard many times over.  The old sales motto of "after the sale it's the service that counts" holds true in the feelings your customers have towards Premier.

Another objective was to experience staying in a coach to somewhat get a feeling for the lifestyle.  The Holiday Rambler Arista provided a great reference in establishing what we are looking for in a coach and how the type of coach will influence the lifesstyle.  Renting a coach is the solid investment in the next step of the decision making process.  Thank you for making this possible.

Itr meant a lot to us that you took specific time to visit with us on Sunday morning to answer our quesitons and address concerns.  Purchasing a coach is a big step for us and it was appreciated that our quesitons were not minimized in your response.  We now have a better understanidng and confidence in our next step in the process.

It was a great weekend.  My compliments to everyone at Premier Coach for hosting a sensational time for everyone.


Gary & Barb Flynn

Duey Williams

February 11, 2011

To my new friends at Premier Coach,

Recently I purchased a slightly used Fleetwood Motorhome. Because the selling party was from another state I had no allegiance to a dealer that could render service on my RV. I was told about Premier from a friend of mine, but because of locality I had my RV looked over by another dealer. That “other” dealer charged me over $1,200 and never really fixed anything I asked! Needless to say I was not happy. Following my “maiden voyage” I did a stupid thing…I drove through some very, very cold country and froze all the water lines! I thought I had a big problem and I was not about to call the RV dealer that took advantage of me last time! I made a call to Premier and they have got me completely fixed up (luckily not as bad as I thought it could be) and I am now storing my RV indoors at their storage facility as well! They are an extremely friendly group of people and the owner even came out and said hello on my initial visit.


PS – The receptionist (Dawn) has many admirers…that being said I’m her number one fan!

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Sandra Daku

December 7, 2010

I was a Canadian a long way from home and God brought me to these wonderful people.

I have not enough good words to say about the staff at Premier Coach. Dawn was such a joy to come to with my small problems; she always had the time and found me an answer. Josh, I’m sure, can fix anything – thanks for coming in on your day off to help to get me back on the road quickly. Thanks Joe and Charlie for arranging for someone so quickly from your auto body associate and for letting me use the cement pad in the compound. Justin is such a good example of an employee who likes working for his employer; he shows such enthusiasm and dedication toward each and every task/job that he is asked to perform.

Pat and Linda have certainly surrounded themselves with great employees, which is why their company is flourishing regardless of the economy. My delay, as we waited to hear from my insurance company in Canada , became embarrassing to me but not once did I have any indication from the staff at Premier that I was a nuisance.

I want to wish ALL OF YOU the very best of the Holiday Season and the best in the New Year.


Sandra Daku

Stranded but cared for by the best.

I am recommending you to all my friends who are looking for Motorhomes, as I know they will receive the best of service and care if they deal with Premier Coach.

Linda H - Blue Springs, MO

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Folks at Premier Coach,

Just wanted to say, “Thank You!!!” Andrew saved our vacation (again!). We have had the pleasure of renting an RV from Premier Coach for the last three years. Andrew was so great at explaining how things worked, and made it easy for us to just take off. Friends who have rented RV’s elsewhere indicated they were required to watch an hour video, and still had questions. Andrew did a great walk-through of the things we’d need to know, we were able to hit the road right away and felt confident I could handle the RV. This year when we went to rent I wasn’t quick enough in making my reservations, and my favorite unit was already reserved. I hope the lucky ones who took it out really enjoyed it!

Andrew was so helpful in helping us find another unit that I could feel comfortable driving. We’d always rented the smallest unit before, and I was more than a bit nervous about driving and maneuvering anything bigger in the campgrounds. Andrew made arrangements for us to come out and do a walk through of an available unit that he thought would work out best for us. He had selected the next smallest unit, and one that had an extra step into the cab so I could get in more easily. He even price matched the rental unit for us. Of course it was our choice to decide whether to rent it or not, or to try to find a smaller unit elsewhere. Even though it was 100+ degrees that afternoon, Andrew let us take all the time we needed to decide if this was something I could handle. Absolutely no pressure, and he answered all my questions, and some I hadn’t thought to ask. He even offered to ‘hold’ the unit for us so I could really have time to think about it.

Last year when we were on the road and had questions, you were just a phone call away, and explained everything clearly and with the push of a couple of buttons had me up and working in just a few minutes. (Seems when using electricity from the campground that is 20 amps with a 16 gauge extension cord to run things isn’t quite good enough to run everything I wanted to. Just put the refrig on propane only, and we were good to go. This year I purchased a 10 gauge extension cord just to be sure.)

Everyone we’ve spoken with has been great to work with, and if we ever decide to purchase an RV I know that Premier Coach will be the place. You’ve treated us like family, and truly seemed to care that our experiences were good ones.

Thank you Andrew for driving us over that narrow bridge. When the road work is complete I’m sure it’ll feel like a four lane highway!

Oh, buy the way. The RV we took out this time...well, it’s now my new favorite RV. Can’t wait ‘til next year to take it out again…this time I’ll call much, much earlier!

Thank you again for the special attention and consideration you have shown us.

Until next year,
Linda H.
Blue Springs, MO

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